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Major Updates

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Hello everyone,

We’ve had a lot of updates in the past couple of weeks, which we’re pretty excited about!

  • A huge thank you to everybody who has sponsored the project so far. We’ve got off to a good start, but we still need your support: get involved!
  • The script is complete, and we have already had a read-through and rehearsal. You can see some footage from the read-through in…
  • …our new promotional video, which is the second video down on the homepage. You can see the cast talking more about their acting experience, as well as more information on the characters that they play in She Moved Through The Fair.
  • On the WHAT page, we have added some initial promotional photos of the cast in character; click on them to enlarge them.
  • We will be revamping our Kickstarter campaign very shortly, so watch this space!

Thanks as ever for your continued support, and we look forward to letting you know more about the project soon!