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Farewell to Émilie

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It’s reaching the end of the summer, and we are close to wrapping up shooting for good! (As always, you can keep much more regularly updated with our progress on our Facebook page.) And today was our last day of filming with Émilie, who has now finished all of her scenes.

It’s a strange and quite sad experience when you get to this point in the process, and although filming isn’t over yet, it will feel odd not seeing Émilie on set every day. She has been relentlessly enthusiastic and constantly chirpy, despite everything that has been thrown at her and her character. We cannot wait to show you her wonderful performance as the enigmatic Dawn, a role she really has brought to life in her own unique way.

Of course, the good news from this is that we are close to the next stage of the project, and therefore a step closer to revealing the final film… And rest assured, you haven’t seen the last of Émilie! But for now, we wish her all the best and hope she can find time to relax after a very busy and productive couple of months on set.

– SMTTF Cast & Crew


Filming updates

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We’re a couple of weeks into filming and so far it’s all on schedule, all gone according to plan and we’re all delighted with the footage we’ve shot! Almost too good to be true…

This page may seem quite quiet, but for regular updates you are strongly encouraged to visit our Facebook page at . We’re posting plenty of behind-the-scenes photos and news during shooting and beyond, and it’s a more dynamic way to engage with our followers. You don’t need a Facebook profile to view our photos, so follow the link above and see what we’ve been up to!

Also, click here to check out the first of our making-of videos. In this, Jonny guides us through the process he used to create Dawn’s elegant ‘business’ cards. It’s well worth a watch, and gives an insight into the attention to detail that we’re putting into the project.

– SMTTF Cast & Crew