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November Updates

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Hello everyone,

The news this week is going to be rather repetitive: we’re still in post-production, the score is being composed, and we’re getting ever closer to a full first cut. This part of the process always takes months, so we’re still on schedule!

As work continues quietly but intensely on the project, it’s really uplifting to keep receiving support and words of encouragement from so many of you. Obviously this is a stage where much of the work takes place behind closed doors, and your patience is much appreciated! It makes it even more exciting to anticipate finally sharing it with you.

So, over the next few weeks until the New Year, you can expect to see all of the remaining photographs from the various sets uploaded to the Facebook page (click here to see them so far; you don’t need a Facebook account to view them!). In January, we’ll also be updating the WHERE section of the website, to show you the locations we used and how they appear in the film. And of course, besides more behind-the-scenes information, we will be unveiling a full-length trailer some time in the next month or two…

– SMTTF Cast & Crew