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Film festival updates: TriBeCa

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Some bad news with a silver lining…

Unfortunately our submission to TriBeCa Film Festival was unsuccessful; ultimately this was always going to be an ambitious festival to aim for due to its size and global reputation. However, one of the festival’s directors took the time to contact the SMTTF team personally to say that, while the film did not fit in with the vision of this  year’s festival, it was “a great accomplishment, especially for a first time filmmaker […] you did a great job of establishing atmosphere, and both your direction and the film’s cinematography were assured.”

It is unusual to receive individual feedback on unsuccessful submissions at any festival, and therefore extremely encouraging both that he took the time to write at all, and that the feedback was very positive.

As we move forward, the main festival season really starts from June onwards; we are weighing up the options and also looking into independent distribution and means of releasing the film. We will keep you updated on any further progress, and look forward to sharing the music video with you in a few weeks from now!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew