Audio updates

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There’s been some mixing and mastering happening behind closed doors, and now She Moved Through The Fair is sounding better than ever!

Many thanks go out to Matt Thomas, a friend and long-time collaborator with Owen, for his work on the film’s audio. After watching the film at April’s test screening, Matt very kindly volunteered to balance out the audio levels and improve the clarity of the dialogue where he could. The result is a crisper, smoother finish to the film’s audio that will enhance its quality, especially when played through surround sound systems.

Furthermore, there has been additional work on the soundtrack. The film’s score attracted some of the most positive feedback from the April screening, and so the final cut of SMTTF will feature a little more of Owen’s original music, mixed and mastered once more by Tom Williams.

Next month the project will return to the post-production suite for the final visual editing and VFX, and we look forward to bringing more news as the film approaches completion!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

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