‘The Lover I Left Behind [feat. Lauren Gilmour]’

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of the music video for ‘The Lover I Left Behind’, the theme song from She Moved Through The Fair!

The video was shot last month in locations featured in the full movie, and is interspersed with a couple of shots from SMTTF to introduce you to the main characters. Consider this an advance warning of the full trailer, and the start of a summer campaign building up to the full film’s release…

A few thank yous:
– to Lauren for her amazing performance on my song
– to Tom Williams for mixing, mastering, and producing
– to Dave Scourse for acting as DOP on the video
– to Christel Chaudet for directing the video
– to Rhian Smith for hair and makeup on the set
– to Alan Herbert and his team for the aerial photography
– to Daniel Levy for colour grading the video
– to all the cast and crew of SMTTF for the hard work prior to this!

Watch the video here.

Film festival updates: TriBeCa

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Some bad news with a silver lining…

Unfortunately our submission to TriBeCa Film Festival was unsuccessful; ultimately this was always going to be an ambitious festival to aim for due to its size and global reputation. However, one of the festival’s directors took the time to contact the SMTTF team personally to say that, while the film did not fit in with the vision of this  year’s festival, it was “a great accomplishment, especially for a first time filmmaker […] you did a great job of establishing atmosphere, and both your direction and the film’s cinematography were assured.”

It is unusual to receive individual feedback on unsuccessful submissions at any festival, and therefore extremely encouraging both that he took the time to write at all, and that the feedback was very positive.

As we move forward, the main festival season really starts from June onwards; we are weighing up the options and also looking into independent distribution and means of releasing the film. We will keep you updated on any further progress, and look forward to sharing the music video with you in a few weeks from now!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

SMTTF Music Video

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Just a brief post to announce that David Scourse has been appointed cinematographer on the music video for ‘The Lover I Left Behind’, which is being shot over Easter and due for a general release in May. Dave is bringing a fresh perspective to the table and we’re looking forward to working with him on this. The video is set to blend clips from She Moved Through The Fair with some original performance footage set in numerous locations from the film; we can’t say more at this point but there’s going to be some interesting surprises thrown in!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

Happy 2015

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Happy New Year!

2015 is going to be a key year for She Moved Through The Fair as we prepare for the general release. Still no concrete details on that yet but we will keep you posted on any updates as and when they come.

In the meantime, there is still both the full trailer and the music video for ‘The Lover I Left Behind’ to come in the Spring. We’re looking forward to sharing these with you, and by the time that they go live there should be more information regarding the full release.

More news to follow but for now we’ll be quietly at work planning the next stages of the project.

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

It’s here…

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The final cut of She Moved Through The Fair is complete, and as we move into 2015 there will be some major updates on the project.

Firstly, the full trailer will be released around Easter next year. This will expand upon last year’s teaser and give you a proper first look at the main characters and the mysterious city that SMTTF takes place in. We’re looking forward to sharing another glimpse of the finished product with you!

Dates are currently being finalised for another piece of filming: this time it’s the music video shoot for the film’s atmospheric theme song, ‘The Lover I Left Behind’. Written by Owen and featuring beautiful guest vocals from Lauren Gilmour, the song features prominently in the film, both as an instrumental and of course as the full version, which will be released as a digital single. The video is set to take place on one of the film’s most atmospheric sets, and feature some clips from the film as well – more news as it comes.

Currently, there is no public release date for the film (see the previous post re: festival submissions et al). Still, if the above isn’t enough to plug the gap until general release, then you’ll be pleased to hear that we will be releasing some more behind-the-scenes info, photos and videos, in the meantime. You’ll find out more in 2015…

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

The final stages of post-production

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We are pleased to announce that She Moved Through The Fair has returned to post-production for what will be the final cut!

The final stages of post are being undertaken by London-based company Seizmic, who have a wealth of experience in this field. Some of the work being completed includes polishing of the VFX, enhancing the green-screen driving sequences, and a radical reworking of the colour grading during one of the film’s most climactic and atmospheric scenes. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the autumn.

As much as we want to share the final cut with you instantly, we cannot release She Moved Through The Fair publicly until after film festival submissions, as to do so (even online) voids the film’s eligibility to be aired at most festivals.

However, as soon as the final cut is ready then the full-length trailer will follow shortly afterwards! Preliminary storyboarding for this is already taking place. This trailer will hopefully be enough to whet your appetite for the feature film, and expand upon last year’s teaser trailer.

Watch this space for news on the final cut!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

Audio updates

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There’s been some mixing and mastering happening behind closed doors, and now She Moved Through The Fair is sounding better than ever!

Many thanks go out to Matt Thomas, a friend and long-time collaborator with Owen, for his work on the film’s audio. After watching the film at April’s test screening, Matt very kindly volunteered to balance out the audio levels and improve the clarity of the dialogue where he could. The result is a crisper, smoother finish to the film’s audio that will enhance its quality, especially when played through surround sound systems.

Furthermore, there has been additional work on the soundtrack. The film’s score attracted some of the most positive feedback from the April screening, and so the final cut of SMTTF will feature a little more of Owen’s original music, mixed and mastered once more by Tom Williams.

Next month the project will return to the post-production suite for the final visual editing and VFX, and we look forward to bringing more news as the film approaches completion!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

June updates

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Hello all,

It’s been several weeks since the private screening of She Moved Through The Fair, and submission dates for film festivals are on the horizon! Life is thankfully not as frantic as it inevitably was during the build up to the screening, but work is still continuing quietly.

As previously mentioned, the film’s audio is currently being remastered in order to increase its quality and improve its performance when played through an advanced sound system such as that of a cinema theatre. There will also be additional music added to this final soundtrack; the score was extremely well-received and indeed several people have suggested that they would like to hear more included.

On the subject of the soundtrack, we will be releasing the film’s “theme song” as a promotional single at some point later this year. ‘The Lover I Left Behind’ is an original composition by Owen and beautifully performed by his close friend and long-time musical collaborator Lauren Gilmour. The supporting music video will be shot and edited by Jonny, and will feature footage from the film itself.

We will let you know as soon as the last tweaks are complete, and when we have submitted to our first film festivals!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

Photos from April screening

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Just a brief update following on from the previous post – here are a few photographs from the recent screening of She Moved Through The Fair. Many thanks again to all who came, for your support and for your feedback, and thank you to Natalie Holt for taking these pictures on the night.


speech IMG_2478 IMG_2486

SMTTF Premiere

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It’s been quiet online over the past couple of months, but although there were no major updates in that time, work has been continuing intensely on the post-production of She Moved Through The Fair. And on Saturday 5th April, this effort was rewarded by the warm reception the finished cut of the film received at its premiere.

The premiere – a private, invitation-only event for cast, crew, friends and supporters, as well as people working in film and media in the Bristol region – took place at the Arnolfini Gallery in central Bristol, where the auditorium was filled with almost 200 people in attendance.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; particularly gratifying is the response from those who attended both January’s test screening and Saturday’s event, who universally stated that they strongly favoured the alterations and enjoyed the finished version. A huge thank you to everybody who came, and for all of the kind words and critique.

This screening was a brilliant event, but it also represents the beginning of the next phase of the project, as we move forward to entering film festivals. There may be some slight polishing in advance of this formidable step – for example, some further mixing/mastering of the soundtrack and audio now that we have heard the film in a proper cinema space – but for all intents and purposes, the post-production stage is complete.

We look forward to keeping you updated on progress in the coming months, and will be uploading a lot more content to the Facebook page early next month, as well giving this website a comprehensive revamp to reflect the progression of the project.

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

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