June updates

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Hello all,

It’s been several weeks since the private screening of She Moved Through The Fair, and submission dates for film festivals are on the horizon! Life is thankfully not as frantic as it inevitably was during the build up to the screening, but work is still continuing quietly.

As previously mentioned, the film’s audio is currently being remastered in order to increase its quality and improve its performance when played through an advanced sound system such as that of a cinema theatre. There will also be additional music added to this final soundtrack; the score was extremely well-received and indeed several people have suggested that they would like to hear more included.

On the subject of the soundtrack, we will be releasing the film’s “theme song” as a promotional single at some point later this year. ‘The Lover I Left Behind’ is an original composition by Owen and beautifully performed by his close friend and long-time musical collaborator Lauren Gilmour. The supporting music video will be shot and edited by Jonny, and will feature footage from the film itself.

We will let you know as soon as the last tweaks are complete, and when we have submitted to our first film festivals!

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

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