SMTTF Premiere

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It’s been quiet online over the past couple of months, but although there were no major updates in that time, work has been continuing intensely on the post-production of She Moved Through The Fair. And on Saturday 5th April, this effort was rewarded by the warm reception the finished cut of the film received at its premiere.

The premiere – a private, invitation-only event for cast, crew, friends and supporters, as well as people working in film and media in the Bristol region – took place at the Arnolfini Gallery in central Bristol, where the auditorium was filled with almost 200 people in attendance.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; particularly gratifying is the response from those who attended both January’s test screening and Saturday’s event, who universally stated that they strongly favoured the alterations and enjoyed the finished version. A huge thank you to everybody who came, and for all of the kind words and critique.

This screening was a brilliant event, but it also represents the beginning of the next phase of the project, as we move forward to entering film festivals. There may be some slight polishing in advance of this formidable step – for example, some further mixing/mastering of the soundtrack and audio now that we have heard the film in a proper cinema space – but for all intents and purposes, the post-production stage is complete.

We look forward to keeping you updated on progress in the coming months, and will be uploading a lot more content to the Facebook page early next month, as well giving this website a comprehensive revamp to reflect the progression of the project.

– SMTTF Cast & Crew

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