In an unknown location at an undefined time and date, a young woman called Alice awakes into a troubling scenario: nothing is familiar, and she remembers nothing except her name.

Exploring the unfamiliar world around her, she finds herself invisible to all but two people: the eccentric and charismatic Dawn, and Cass, who is also seeking answers about her past. Can she trust either of them? Or, as events become increasingly surreal, can she even trust herself?

As Alice struggles to understand where she has come from, she is compelled to play a dark and dangerous game, in a world where truth is just an abstract concept and nothing is as it seems.

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We witness the majority of the film from Alice’s perspective. She is trying to uncover the truth about her past and keep her sanity in a world that defies everything she considers to be ‘normal’. But how can Alice define normal if she cannot remember where she has come from?

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A headstrong and uncompromising young woman, supposedly in a position to identify with Alice’s plight. Cass appears to act on gut instinct instead of rational thinking, and is possibly more vulnerable – or more dangerous – than even she realises.

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Eccentric, playful and charming, Dawn is a free spirit who appears to understand the world that Alice finds herself in. However, her impish personality hints at a darker, malevolent streak, and Alice begins to suspect that Dawn may not be as trustworthy and innocent as she initially appears.