As noted on the homepage, work  on the script  began in 2011, and the first six months of 2013 were dedicated to the pre-production phase. The majority of filming took place in a 7 week block during July-August of the same year, with additional shooting continuing in September and November.

Despite the famously temperamental British weather, we were for the most part very fortunate to have a hot and dry period, which allowed us to complete the majority of exterior-set scenes. Much of the film’s action takes place during the daytime, although there are several scenes that required evening shooting times.

The majority of post-production was completed between October – December 2013, with a first rough cut ready just before Christmas. The soundtrack was also composed during this period, and work currently continues on both.

The next phase of the project is the polishing of the film. All projects this size undergo multiple edits and drafts to ensure that they are as well-paced and coherent as possible. This polishing will include colour grading, the crucial process of enhancing colour and image quality. Our intention is to have the finished film ready by 1st April 2014. This will then be entered into film festivals both in the UK and abroad, with a public release scheduled for later this year.

Photo Credit: Dan Levy